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Infinite Progress Nutrition offers the following help in healing and reversing the causes of diseases through nutritional and naturopathic therapeutic support (during treatment with traditional methods).

To arrange a consultation, please send the following:

  • Application or e-mail to kontakt@marzenakolano.com (please provide the phone number to which I will send a reminder text about the consultation
  • All blood results and medical reports in the attachment;
  • Menu from 3 days (2 working days, 1 day off), food products or dish names, liquids;
  • Information if you wish to order extra paid 7 week educational menu aside nutritional recommendations.


1. I start with “interview” – the first consultation lasts up to 1.5 hours. I collect information about:

  • current alarming symptoms;
  • test results;
  • possible nutritional-dependent causes;
  • the impact of current eating habits on health and their further consequences;
  • Cost: € 70.00

2. Dietary recommendations as a support in the treatment of diseases – (4-20 page recommendations) RECEIVED WITHIN 2-4 weeks post consultation.

The recommendations include:

  • analysis of the body’s health needs (body systems)
  • (educational) explanations of the nature’s therapeutic problem
  • healthy goals
  • naturopathic therapeutic recommendations and available therapeutic methods (it is possible to receive copies of scientific research on which the recommendations are based)
  • dosage, examples of recommended products, sources
  • every day schedule table (showing the best time to drink liquids and recommended products)
  • nutritional recommendations (essential basic recommendations)
  • monthly support during implementation of recommendations (answers to questions, e-mail and telephone contact)
  • Cost – € 100.00 – € 150.00 (determined individually, based on the time required to write the recommendation, due to the number of test results, the width of the problem, the cost may change, if additional “research” is required (unconventional support methods);

Plus additionally:

  • Sample menu for a week (educational, individual needs included)

Cost – € 50.00 [su_spacer size = ”10 ″


  • List of safe and beneficial food products

Cost – FREE

Recommendations are sent by email. After analyzing the recommendations, please send me any questions about the plan received, to which I will answer within 2-3 days. As part of monthly support, I answer all questions via email. Email support is included in the price and can be used up to a month after receiving the recommendation !!! If the customer does not use the support and wants to consult after the end of suport, ask questions, it is obliged to book a consultation (hourly, follow-up).

3. Follow-up consultation – consultation lasts 1 hour – aims to verify progress and discuss problems that may arise during the implementation of nutritional changes and after the introduction of necessary supplementation, determine the most important needs and choose the most beneficial solutions (nutritional and supplementary modifications) ); the client saves all the recommendations during the conversation! If it is unable to save the proposed solutions, it receives a written recommendation update in the additional amount of € 50.00.

Consultation cost: € 50.00
Written update, sent via email after consultation: € 50.00

4. Analysis of subsequent test results and any additional instructions / recommendations sent by email:

All e-mail correspondence after one month of e-mail support, aimed at analyzing research results, additional information to guide in the proper operation. All changes and modifications of actions taken earlier.

Cost: € 50.00


  • RECOMMENDATIONS (cost – € 150.00)
  • SAMPLE WEEKLY WEEK – € 50.00

Cost: € 350.00 (paid in full after the first consultation)

6. Telephone consultation (emergency matters) – consultation lasts 15-20 min. – aims to discuss a sudden health problem, determine the most important needs and choose the most advantageous solution; the client saves all the recommendations during the conversation!

Cost: € 40.00


Preferred place of consultation:

Online (skype, zoom, whatsup, messenger)